' Drew - Named one of the Year's Best US Syrah
Named one of the Year's Best US Syrah
Wine & Spirits

Wine & Spirits says the following about our 2014 Mendocino Ridge Valenti Ranch Syrah: "This vintage of Jason Drew's syrah from the windswept Valenti Ranch is awesome in its raw intensity—as if you can feel the berries growing thick skins, buffering themselves against the wind. That intensity comes across as vibrant flavor more than tannic grip: scents of pink peppercorn, green olive, resinous juniper berry, the tough fruitiness of black currant. It's attention-grabbing coastal juice, refreshing and powerful. It should age well, but it's hard to resist it now, especially served cool next to a platter of grilled lamb and grilled vegetables."



Post By:   Torrey Douglass